The Office of Investments & Banking (OIB) reports directly to the Senior Vice President for Finance & Operations/Treasurer of the University of Minnesota. The Treasurer position is a corporate officer appointed by and reporting to the Board of Regents and is responsible for managing all cash, investments and debt on behalf of the University. OIB is charged with carrying out all treasury and investment responsibilities. Our primary goal is to maximize the overall investment return on financial assets in accordance with Regents Policy. Accountability of our financial functions is overseen by the Board of Regents Finance Committee, the President, SVPFO/Treasurer, and an Investment Advisory Committee.

The guiding principle behind our mission is to grow the financial assets and generate additional financial support for the university's mission of education and research.

Global Operations

The Office of Investments and Banking participates in the Global Operations Advisory Team. Through Global Operations, OIB works with units across the University to assure comprehensive and timely response to international operations questions in the areas of tax, banking and cash management, purchasing, legal, human resources, and compliance. Visit the Global Operations website for more information including how to start working with the Global Operations team.